hey hay
these are things i desire to obtain either as a gift or buying it for myself lol, hope u like these random qt things:)

bag, green, and aesthetic image
sage colored handbag
aesthetic, delicious, and desserts image
I want try a rainbow bagel so bad
aesthetic, picnic, and fruit image
a qt picnic basket
rings, gold, and style image
a set of minimal but chic rings
fashion, bag, and style image
a black leather croc handbag
Temporarily removed
chocolate syrup, will be purchasing soon
art, yellow, and lemon image
a tall canvas older to paint big:)
accessories, aesthetic, and fashion image
chic sunglasses with oval shaped lens
gold, nail art, and rings image
I so want to get a cow print mani!
accessoires, aesthetic, and aesthetics image
snake earrings


thanks for reading, have a nice day

xx sham