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introduction: season 2, episode 12
role: main character from now on

name: Anastasia/Ana Jacobs
age: 16
sexuality: lesbian


aesthetic, beauty, and bloggers image beautiful, beauty, and cosmetic image Image by 𝓢𝓗 fashion, girl, and style image abs, beautiful, and body image lips, makeup, and aesthetic image
short brown hair, green eyes, likes dark makeup, nose rings, black nails, petite body, plump lips


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girly/alt style


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positive traits
loyal, ambitious, determined, loving to certain people, trustworthy, compassionate

negative traits
bitchy, quick-tempered, sarcastic, risk-taker, intolerant, hard to open up to people, uses magic irresponsibly


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Anastasia is the half-sister of Wendy and was trapped in the prison world with her along with Diego, Jade, & Kai.


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Because of Wendy, Lizzie didn't like Ana at first but then became close after awhile because Ana offered to teach Lizzie some tricks she learned while in the prison world. Ana also helps Lizzie with her bipolar outbursts since she suffers with anger issues. Since she was friends with Lizzie, she also became friends with Josie in the process. She's also friends with Kaleb and MG.


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Ana & Josie have crushes on each other after a moment they had while they hung out but Josie is afraid to act on it because she still misses Penelope.


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Ana & Hope aren't "enemies" exactly but they don't like each other. They don't ever see eye-to-eye on things and after she heard Josie had a crush on her when they were younger, she definitely didn't like her. Hope doesn't like her either because Ana teases Landon sometimes.