Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to a new article in my series "2020: Best of." While 2020 has been a horrible year so far, summer has arrived and for many people summer break is starting. The same goes for me! Last week I had my last final, and now I finally have the time to work and relax. I hope you are all doing well, and remember, if you need someone to talk to you can always reach me via private message.

A new week has begun which means that it is time for a recap of the previous week. For the new readers, I always explain the concept of this series first. At the end of the week, I take a few of my most popular or loved collections, to highlight a couple of my favourite images that I found in that week. All the articles in this series can be found in this collection:

Let's get started!


fashion, shoes, and heels image clothes, fashion, and outfit image Image removed fashion image


hair, blonde, and girl image hair, girl, and fashion image hair, hairstyle, and fashion image hair, girl, and hairstyle image

Jewellery & Accessories

accessories, bracelet, and bracelets image necklace and gold image classy, fashion, and girly image gold, rings, and butterfly image

Places to Visit

girl, city, and places image beach, ocean, and sea image bird, sunset, and sun image girl, friends, and travel image

Flowers & Plants

flowers, daisy, and white image flowers and white image flowers, bouquet, and daisy image flowers, white, and rose image

Food & Drinks

coffee, drink, and food image coffee, drinks, and vintage image Image removed food, pizza, and delicious image

Rooms & Houses

Image removed home and interior image home, decoration, and house image home, interior, and design image


I know, I know. I promised longer articles in the last couple of entries but truth is, I'm on holiday as we speak and so I'm on a data connection. I haven't been active very much lately (the motivation to remain active in the community is lacking a bit) but I'm planning to pick everything back up when I'm back home. I know that many more are feeling this way, and so I hope that we will all find the fun in We Heart It again. I've been a part of this site for so long and I really hope I will continue to be so. I wish you all a great week, do not let the world get to you. See you next week! Lot's of love, Elise x