This are a few questions I ask myself at 2am when I am a little bit drunk and I just think about my life. This is my first article I ever write, and I also have to say that English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistake or mispelled words I might have.

1. What are your real hobbies?

I really like to read books and play classical music.

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2. Are you happy right now?

Not really, I've been through a lot of mental problems due to familiar issues but thankfully I have my friends who support me a lot.

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3. What's your favourite colour and why?

My favourite colour is yellow and pastel blue. I identify as yellow because is the colour of happiness, and that's what I am trying to find this days.

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4. A Song you'll play out loud while you are driving and is raining outside

Lee Sunmi's Pporappippam, I don't know why but this song makes me feel so sad, but at the same time it makes me feel confy and nostalgic, with both meanings of the word (the good and the bad) if that makes some sense.

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5. Are you sure you made the right decision about your studies?

I am currently studying Oriental Asian Studies at the University, and I can say that I am kinda happy, so I am sure! I really want to travel to China, Taiwan and Japan one day.

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6. Describe yourself right now with two words.

Drunk and sleepy

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7. Do you believe in forgetting and forgiving?
I am unable to forget all the things that have hurted me in the past, and also those who did it, and about forgiving it depends what they have done.

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8. On an scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you about your life right now?

Mmm... I would say 6, because is true that I am recovering and now I know that I have people who care about me, but it was a time that I thought that I had no one, that nobody cared about me. That's the worst I could do, but I realised it's not so I am kinda happy now. I am doing things slowly, but I am starting to do all the things that made me happy, and I am proud of myself.

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9. Where was the last time you cried?

Actually the last time I cried was yesterday, at night, in my bed so no one could notice. I tend to hold my tears a lot, to keep all my stuff to myself, to take care of my friends more than I take care of me. The best time for me te cry is when I am showering, because I can cover it up easily. As I said, I am better, but I still have a lot of self-steem issues I have to work.

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I have seen a lot of articles about questions, so my inspiration comes to reading them. Also I know nobody is going to read this, but I post it anyways because it helps me to deal with myself and to learn to smile sincerely.

I don't own any of the pictures, so all the rights are of the owners and creators such as @ hanavbara or @blueyeahlow. I couldn't find the others, I am so sorry.