Hey everyone ! It's me Yukki. So it's been a while since I last made an article but now, I decided to do one again ! For this article, I will be giving some tips that may help to increase your followers.

Just a disclaimer, all of the tips that will be mentioned later are just based from my experiences. So if you don't think that these tips will work for you, then you can message me and I'll send you a link to another article that shows other ways to increase followers.

So without further do, let's begin !

Tip #1 : Make sure your profile is properly set up. Your profile doesn't need to look aesthetic or so but it's a plus if it looks aesthetic. There's a lot of ways to design your account. I'm sure you won't ran out of ideas and try to be creative too.

Tip #2 : Start creating collections that are under We Heart It's channels. I recommend that you use an interesting channel to go with your collections. Then once you finished creating your collections, you can now start hearting content that are related to your collections.

Tip #3 : Just continue growing and growing your collections until you reach 500 hearts. Then you may start posting your own content that are related to your collections. I mostly focus my account in editing-related content like overlays,textures,profile themes,polarr filters and etc. but it all depends on what topic you are interested.

Tip #4 : if you ever feel demotivated or just a little tired of the app but you still want to increase your followers, well I recommend that you should definitely give yourself a rest but not for a week or longer than that because some of your followers might think that you are already inactive, so some of them may start unfollowing you.

Tip #5 : start writing articles ! Articles are a great way for you to improve your skills. It's also one of the best ways to connect with your followers, so that they can get to know you more.

If you are afraid that you might make mistakes when you start writing, don't be afraid. We all make mistakes but we all should try not to make those mistakes again. English isn't my first language but here am I, using this language in this article. So again, don't be afraid to try :)

Tip #6 : Use tags ! Tags are a good way for more people to see your content. They can also easily find your account and if they find your account interesting or so, then they might follow you.

That is it for this article ! I hope this article help y'all somehow.

Just another reminder, I've seen some people who are too obsessed with getting followers and if you feel like you are starting to be obsessed with getting followers, please try to stop yourself because it might affect your mental health or so. Yes, I know we all want to increase our followers but don't let it be your obsession. Just don't.

Looks like you've reached the end of this article, bye bye everyone !