It's hard letting go of the one's you really love,

the people whom you really value..

Most of us choose to stay in a bad relationship believing that at some point in life the person will change, the person will realize how much you love them and maybe...

just "maybe" they'll treat you right,

as time goes by this things affects us,

you'll start doubting yourself,

questioning yourself,

you seem to keep on searching your own value,

sometimes abuse is disguised with " i love you's" and "i only care for you". manipulating us, convincing us that they really do love us.

but "love" is more than that,

love is supporting someone in something that makes them happy, not discouraging them to do something for themselves just because you don't want them to be better than you.

You have to respect yourself enough to know when to walk away from a toxic relationship..

someone once said to me "cutting off ties isn't bad even if it's your closest relatives, sometimes it's better to just let them go rather than hurt yourself trying to please them."

Love yourself more,

sometimes being alone is better rather than being around with the people who hinders your inner peace.