I would like to eat less. I would like to teach my body how to control itself. Have you ever experienced a day where you’re hungry and you forgot your wallet at home? Then you think you’re starving so you become angry to every stimulus!

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Well, if you would train your body every day to eat at the right time and just a specific amount of food, your body learns to let go of pleasure to focus more on self-control.

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This is a way of controlling your own instincts and thoughts, that way you won’t be triggered by what people say to you and you can be your true self.

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I am trying to be vegan six out of seven days. On a day of the week, I am a vegetarian (no eggs included though). With the time, I also added “no fast food” during my six days of being vegan challenge. Learning how to control my hunger has shown me, how independent I can be.

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Instead of eating chips or chocolate, I tend to take some spoons of soya yoghurt. Because, you see, you’re not really hungry. You’re just bored and you want to pleasure your tongue with the food.

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But, once you have that food in your stomach, it will feel awful since your stomach never asked for that amount of nonsense. Then you feel bad. Bad about the way you feel, heavy, bad about the way you look, heavy and bad about yourself as you.

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Because you know deep down, you are more than that. Don’t be an animal. Use your brain. You have cognitive abilities. Learn to control pleasure. Otherwise, pleasure will take over and you’re just a victim of the art of seduction.

- Rose Merence