disney character: rapunzel
art, beauty, and disney image light, hands, and candle image
time of day: the overlap between afternoon and evening, when the sun lends its warm light, but the wind is cool
Image by Privégebruiker Temporarily removed
emotion: sonder
alternative, grunge, and travel image travel, vintage, and indie image
place: a patch of sunlight on the forest floor
flowers, nature, and forest image Temporarily removed
element: earth
green image nature, art, and green image
body part: hands
aesthetic, hands, and couple image Temporarily removed
fruit: orange
Image removed orange, aesthetic, and fruit image
subject: music/english
music, notes, and vintage image book, fashion, and girl image
movie: becoming jane (2007)
becoming jane image becoming jane, Anne Hathaway, and jane austen image
mythological creature: angel
fashion, white, and aesthetic image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image
fictional character: amy march
greta gerwig, little women, and movie image greta gerwig, laurie, and little women image
sound: a crackling fire
friends, beach, and girls image fire image
scent: clean linen
bed, coffee, and deco image white, plants, and shadow image
book: jane austen in scarsdale
love, couple, and kiss image art, couple, and museum image
country: italy
coffee, yellow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
decade: 70s
girl, vintage, and aesthetic image car, vintage, and aesthetic image
greek goddess: demeter
aesthetic, fashion, and nature image picnic, aesthetic, and nature image
weather: rainy mornings
autumn, rain, and cozy image newspaper, vintage, and aesthetic image
superpower: shapeshifting
skin, body, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
album: the archer, adam melchor
aesthetic, arrow, and artemis image couple and love image
month: november
house, branches, and home image Temporarily removed
planet: jupiter
jupiter, mars, and saturn image Temporarily removed
job: english teacher
book, girl, and library image book, library, and aesthetic image