One of my newest OC's! She's a very interesting character and I'm excited to learn more about her. She and her family are witches/wizards in the Harry Potter universe.


Full Name; Desdemona Aeldra Fenn
Age Range; 16-20
Gender and Sexuality; female, straight
Nationality/Race; English (Father) and Korean (Mother)
Status; Alive, no planned death
House; Slytherin


Desdemona is about average height, standing at 5'6 or 5'7, with milky white skin and dark brown, nearly black, wavy and curly hair that falls just above her shoulders. Her most prominent features are her eyes-- of which one is brown and the other a dark green. Desdemona has a strange air about her, like a cat that follows you on a lonesome street just a little too far off and makes you wonder if it's truly following you, but after each corner you turn, the cat is still there.

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Desdemona's key personality trait is her selfishness. It drives everything she does. She has an intense fear of being deprived of life, and wishes to experience everything she can. Because of this, she has wavering loyalties. She is able to fit into many different types of groups of people and the ability to make many friends, although people are always wary of here, even her own Slytherins. She has a great deal of Hufflepuff friends, and is a kind person, despite not being a very good person. If you don't know her well maybe people wonder why she was placed in Slytherin when they see her hanging out with all the Hufflepuffs and she seems to fit in just fine. Being a sort of social chameleon is a valuable trait to her. She doesn't care for commitment and gets bored of people and things easily, but not always quickly. She is not necessarily evil or bad, but morally grey. She has no desire to be a good or bad guy, but she doesn't want to not be anything at all.

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Mother; Chin-Sun Fenn. Her name means "Truth and goodness" in Korean. She's from a well known family of pure-blood wizards originally from Korea, yet blood status means nothing to her, as she married a muggle. She loves the muggle world so much in fact, after her own years at Hogwarts (she was in Ravenclaw) that she studied literature at a muggle university and became a literature professor, where she met her husband. She has a profound love for William Shakespeare and named all her daughters after characters from his works. Chin-Sun is a very graceful, tall, and willowy woman, who seems wise beyond her years. She is a very good mother, and parents with a high level of trust and freedom to allow her children to flourish into who they are meant to be.

Father; Peter Fenn. He's an eccentric and smiley man who researches and studies birds. An ornithologist. He was a professor at one time but now is focused solely on his research. As mentioned above, he is a muggle and completely enamored by the wizard world and captivated by his beautiful wife in particular. At first glance, they might be an odd couple, because he is shorter than Chin-Sun by several inches, and nowhere near as graceful. In fact, he is quite the opposite. However his loving and clumsy personality compliments her wise and artful one. He calls Chin-Sun his sun, of course, as a loving nickname. While Chin-Sun named their daughters, he was allowed to name the sons, of which they only have one. Peter is always bringing home all sorts of injured animals for their family to fix up and take care of, as he can't stand to see them hurt and in pain.

- Rosaline; The eldest daughter, 18, Hufflepuff.
- Viola; third oldest (Desdemona is second oldest), 15, Ravenclaw.
- Beatrice and Cordelia; Twins and second youngest, 14. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff respectively.
- Brambling Finch; Youngest and only boy, 7, will be in Gryffindor.

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Fun Facts

  • Desdemona's best friend is a boy named Ernest from Hufflepuff. He's a tall dark skinned boy with golden eyes, and is secretly in love with her.
  • She lives in an old cottage with her family, where there are all manner of magical and non magical creatures that flitter about because they know it is something of a safe haven for them, including house elves.
  • Desdemona is closest to her brother, Brambling Finch. When Brambling asked his mother why Desdemona was a Slytherin, their mother said that "Desdemona could have been in any house she chose." Which only served to confuse the boy because he thought that the sorting hat did the choosing.
  • Desdemona also has a curious green eyed Gryffindor boy admirer and on and off again lover. He's something of a player anyway, and Desdemona is something of a user. Nonetheless, they have an interesting relationship.
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