down below you will find several links to help! please check them out.

sign petitions, donate (if you can), use your voice, don't stay silent.

website which lists several ways for you to help. please do so:

(credit: @/dehyedration on twitter)

lists of petitions you can sign:

do NOT donate to! those funds only go to their website and not to any organizations or the people who start the petitions! (credit:

whitehouse petition for george floyd #raisethedegree:

make sure to confirm your email or it won't count! if you don't get one right away just wait, it'll take around 15 minutes.

notes for protesters:

if you do go to protests, please stay safe and help the injured! take care of each other.

also be on the lookout for "fake protests", they're planned by police and people with no good intentions. always make a background check! you will most definitely find information on twitter.

do what you can do. no justice, no peace.

check twitter for constant updates and use #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER!!