Dear Readers,

Whether you're in a long distance relationship, or simply can't see someone as much as you'd like, FaceTime seems to be the perfect solution. It gives us the privilege of seeing and hearing someone as if we were really together at that moment. Unfortunately, this seems to usually result in the "take me off paused" "I wan't to see you, not your ceiling" and "wow I forgot we were even on FaceTime" kind of moments. So, here are some date ideas that you can use to help avoid those, and to overall just spend quality time with your SO.

Movie Night

You can still enjoy this classic, inexpensive date, even if you can't actually go out to a theater together or cuddle up in your living room. Just pick out a movie (or show), count down from three, and press play at the same time. You might not be perfectly timed together but you can still discuss and laugh about the movie as it goes along. And still sneak glances at your date, of course.


A great way to learn something new about your SO, and start great conversations, no matter how long you've been together. It's as easy as looking up "questions to ask your girlfriend/boyfriend". Tons of options will come up, whether you'd rather ask cute, deep, funny, or another kind of questions. Or you can come up with your own if you'd prefer.

Fashion Shows

Trust me when I say, if you get into it, fashion shows can be really fun. There are a bunch of different ways you could take it, maybe showing off outfits from a recent shopping trip, or picking a category and trying to find an outfit that fits. Silly, or a little more serious, FaceTime fashion shows are the best.

TikTok Challenge

You have five minutes to go on the app, TikTok and find the funniest video. After, you and your SO vote on who found the best one. Whoever does, wins that round. You really have to know your opponent to make sure you choose a video they'll vote for, plus you both get to have a time together filled with laughter! This could also work with memes or YouTube if that's more your style.

Hope you enjoy!