- Aries -

Temporarily removed
Noah Puckerman
Temporarily removed Image removed

- Taurus -

boy, glee, and face image
Blaine Anderson
Image removed glee and darren criss image

- Gemini -

glee, naya rivera, and santana lopez image
Santana Lopez
naya rivera image Temporarily removed

- Cancer -

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Will Schuester
Image removed glee, matt, and will schuester image

- Leo -

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Mercedes Jones
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- Virgo -

gif image
Quinn Fabray
dianna agron, glee, and quinn fabray image glee, dianna agron, and quinn fabray image

- Libra -

funny, tina, and gif image
Tina Cohen-Chang
Image removed Image removed

- Scorpio -

adorable, chris, and gay image
Kurt Hummel
kurt hummel, klaine, and blaine anderson image Image removed

- Sagittarius -

gif, glee, and rachel berry image
Rachel Berry
beautiful, glee, and lea michele image glee and rachel berry image

- Capricorn -

cory, gif, and finchel image
Finn Hudson
glee and finn hudson image glee, cory monteith, and smile image

- Aquarius -

cover song, gif, and glee image
Brittany Pierce
glee, heather morris, and brittany pierce image glee and brittany pierce image

- Pisces -

emma glee image
Emma Pillsbury
actress, tv, and beautiful image beautiful, singer, and character image