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1. What super power would you like to have?

Teleport!! I could travel everywhere without spending hours in an airplane.

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2. What color would you dye your hair?

Blonde and then I would just color it every week with a different color ahah!!

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3. Would you rather become a vampire or mermaid?

Mermaid, I love them since I was little.

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4. Would you rather sleep with a snake or swim with a shark?

I think I would choose swim with the shark (I would be dead in the both cases btw).

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5. What's your dream place to visit?

I think Havaii, USA , but also all historical places, like Auschwitz.

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6. If you write your age backwards how old are you then?


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7. What are you doing right now?

Answering this only.
Improving my English, talking to my mom and answering this.

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8. Describe your fashion style in one word

Sportive, elegant, casual, etc. Sometimes I want to feel elegant, sometimes I want to feel confortable (more casual), I have a lot of styles.

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9. Would you want to date yourself if you were a different person?


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10. How much time do you spend on this app?

30 minutes every day, maybe.

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11. If you had your own game what would it be called?

Purple world (I just create it now). Because my surname is “roxo” which means “purple”.

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12. What's one thing that you want to do?

I want to learn how to guitar, beause I love music.

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13. Lemons or lime?

I love lemons. Lemons in fish, meat, rice, etc etc.

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14. At what age do you want to get married?

It doesn’t matter the age. It can be when I was 50 years old. What matter is the person.

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15. What's one movie you want to act in?

“The Descendants”. There’s music, super powers and love.

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16. Name one artist you like and one you dislike

Artist I like:

Billie Eilish. She’s so young, but very professional and she’s what I call an “educated and respectful person”.

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Artist I dislike:

Justin bieber. I like his music, but I, personally, don’t identify with his personality and actions.

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17. What's your native language?

Portuguese, because I’m from Portugal. I would love to talk to you guys about social and cultural differences between countries(maybe write about it too). SO send me a message telling me where are you from.

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18. Can you say " i love you " in 5 languages?

1-“Amo-te”-Portuguese | 2- “Te amo”-Spanish | 3-Je t’aime”- French | 4- “I love you”- English | 5- “Ich liebe dich”- German

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19. What's your spirit animal?

Any bird. They’re in peace flying, they look free. And also I love sky!!

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20. What would you name your future kid/kids?

Boy: Bryan, Lucas
Girl: Susie, Mia, Jessica

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Love you guys.

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