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Name:Roseline "Rosè" Villiers
Alias:Rosie,Linie,cherì,mon amour,short stuff,half blood,annoying Villiers
Birthday:02 November 2007
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio


drusilla blackthorn image drusilla blackthorn image amethyst, beautiful, and crystal image ring, rose, and gold image
she took her father brown hair,blue eyes,pale skin and always wear her gemstone necklace and rose ring.


harry potter and halfblood image
butterfly, beauxbatons, and lonicera image aesthetic, butterfly, and light blue image
half witch and half veela


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nature image animal, quotes, and pink image Temporarily removed quotes, courage, and words image Image by mattamanga Temporarily removed
Bellefeuille is well known for bravery,sensitivity,loyalty and love of nature.The house colour is green and the house is symbolised by five leaves.She was sorted in this house just like her older sister and her two bestfriends Hazel and Tim.


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head girl just like her older sister


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she gentle with who is gentle with her and a bitch who is a bitch with her.She is very ambitius and hard worker,she doesn't like aggressive and narcissist people.Usually she doesen't follow the rule and cause many trobles but she do it for a good reason.Loves her family and friends dearly.


dress, vintage, and katniss everdeen image blue, boots, and lace up image beauxbatons and blue image harry potter, hogwarts, and hp image Temporarily removed fashion and runway image
shcool uniform
dress, fashion, and indie image blog, blogger, and blonde image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and shoes image fashion, girl, and skirt image fashion, black, and shoes image
beautiful, bridal, and dress image fashion, dress, and beautiful image style and beautiful image dress, blue, and gold image
wizards high class meetings and parties


dress, fashion, and pink image design, hair, and hairstyle image makeup, eyes, and pink image Image by HÃ ÝÄT👑🖤
she went with her bestfriends Hazel and Tim


blue image palace, regal, and royalty image Temporarily removed architecture, building, and castle image
she was born in one of the richiest families,a very old noble house of witches and wizards.Her grandmother and mothers are Veelas while her father is a wizard.


blue image vintage and photography image
Drausus Villiers:father,wizard
harry potter, girl, and fleur delacour image aesthetics, classy, and garden image
Nimue Villiers(nee Eaulac):mother,veela
Image removed fashion image
Odette Villiers:older sister,half witch and half veela
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Apolline Eaulac(nee Duemon):grandmother,veela


hair image Image by Joanna
Hazel Fournier:bestfriend
fashion, tattoo, and boys image boy, classy, and style image
Timothèe Bonnet:bestfriend and crush(he friendzoned her)
blue image blue, quotes, and gentle image
Genevieve Gerard:friend
book, hair, and yudi ela image aesthetic, alice in wonderland, and blue image
Celest Aillard:from enemies to friends
boy, guy, and Hot image love, hands, and couple image
Romeo Blanchard:her sister boyfriend and one of Rosè more trusted friends.
boy image style image
Armin Duval:friend


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oak wood,dragon heartstring,14,quartz


harry potter image art, artwork, and digitalart image


wolf and animal image wolf, forest, and animal image


aesthetic, harry potter, and spells image drowning, faerie, and fantasy image
her boggart is the dead body of her childhood bestfriend,Etienne,who drowned infront of her when they were just five years old.


harry potter and spell image harry potter, spell, and charm image harry potter, charm, and spell image harry potter, charm, and spell image


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flying,care of magical creatures,astronomy and potions.


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nature,tea,face powder and macaron


violin, music, and vintage image book, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed ballet image
she play the violin,reading,painting and classic dance


dress, ballet, and dance image ballerina, ballet, and beautiful image Temporarily removed ballet, dance, and ballerina image
classic ballet club


ravenclaw image bedroom image
at beauxbatons,she is roomate with Hazel.
blue, bedroom, and room image vintage, mirror, and bedroom image book, library, and white image baroque image
at her house


cat and white image cat, white, and animal image


boy and netflix image love, hate, and need image love, kiss, and couple image Temporarily removed
Leon D'Royautè:they hated each other since the first year but thanks god he was sorted in Ombre Lune and she in Bellefeuille.He is arrogant,confident,maninipulative and always teasing her while she screams at him.He stared dating Genevieve,who was in Papillonlisse and one of Rosè friends,in the fourth year but she broke up with him at their fifth year.She started to hang out with Timothèe and Armin and Leon started to hang around Rosè in order to make them booth,Tim who stared seeing Celest, and Gen who was more close and close to Armin,jealous.In the end Gen and Armin become a couple just like Tim and Celest and Leon and Rosè friends.At the end of the sixth year he kissed her and after some months and much patiens they become a couple too.