Name: Allie Smith
Age: 16 years old


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Blonde hair, blue eyes, big lips, light skin.


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She loves to wear: salopette, cute tops, boots and red lipstick.


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She loves the music and when she listen a song she start to dance (but only if she's in her bedroom, she's a little bit shy), painting, walking into the nature and her white kitty named "Moon".


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Allie is a friendly person, she loves doing sarcasm, and she's a very strong person because life has put she to hard test. She acts too instinctively and has the habit of always getting into trouble.


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She still goes to school but to earn some money she works at the Hawkins cinema bar.


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Her best friend is Robin Buckley, they have known each other since they are small and they are inseparable. Allie met Steve thanks to Robin and from there they became very close friends. They love to laugh and eat ice cream together. Instead Jonathan is a friend of the family, since Allie's mother and Joyce are very friends and consequently the two of them know each other. They share every secret and Jonathan is teaching Allie how to take good pictures.


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Allie has a crush for Billy, he knows it and wants to ask her out. She don't suspect anything.