Growing up, I've always longed to have friends, or even just one friend who I can be myself with, who can share their weirdness to me and to whom I can share mine, who will always stay loyal no matter what; friends who just know me better than I know myself and loves me despite the traits I have they find annoying.

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Doing stupid ridiculous stuff with friends
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Still being friends with them despite the differences
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Still loving them despite their annoying traits

For many years, I didn't have one.

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Sure, I had people who I could call or consider my friends, but we weren't even that close. I gave up the idea of real friendship, thinking they probably don't exist. Perhaps they're rare and just happen to some lucky people. I stopped dreaming of or expecting to have real friends and accepted "reality".🤷🏻‍♀️

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When I got to 11th grade, I met a couple of people for the first time. They are so different from me, and at first I thought I'm going to have a hard time getting along with them because my ideals might clash against theirs. They look like they live a very different life.

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Time and schoolwork and group projects pulled us close together and I got to know them who they are inside, who they are when they're alone and purely themselves, the selves they hide from the public eye, and I found out how we are not so different from what I thought. Most of my first impressions about them are not enough to define who they are. There is definitely more than meets the eye.

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Most importantly, I found out that real friendships are not impossible to have. I think the most important key to form a friendship is time - the more you spend time knowing each other, the more you feel comfortable with each other. If you can accept and somehow embrace the humanness of all people including your own, it's easier to connect with people. There's no point in getting intimidated by outer appearances of people, and don't judge other people so quickly. Just always remember that they're human like you and you have more similarities than you could ever imagine.

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Thanks for reading! 😃😍

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