i saw this tag has been going around in we heart it for a while and thought about give it a try myself, so feel free to do it as well and share the songs that represent your life

⚬ a song that has a number in it´s title

aesthetics, background, and blue image aesthetics, argent, and bling bling image

⚬ a song that has a color in it´s title

fashion and aesthetic image pink, flowers, and aesthetic image
blue jeans - lana del rey

⚬ a song that reminds me of summer

money, pink, and dollar image money, dark, and grunge image
american money - borns

⚬ a song that reminds me of someone I would prefer to forget about

Image by MIA Torres soto Image by MIA Torres soto
hotter than hell - dua lipa

⚬ a song that makes me dance

couple, love, and dance image couple, dance, and camila cabello image
señorita - shawn & camila

⚬ a song that makes me happy

girl, book, and paris image home, interior, and bedroom image
mixtape #3 - stray kids

⚬ a song that makes me sad

castle, autumn, and germany image Central Park, new york, and 😍 image
the truth untold - bts & steve aoki

⚬ a song I never get tired of

london, city, and hat image london and restaurant image
english love affair - 5 seconds of summer

⚬ a song that was covered by another artist

beer, club, and dance image aesthetic, alternative, and gay image
dancing on my own covered by calum scott

⚬ a song I would duet for karaoke

Image removed bar, karaoke, and london image
one thing - one direction

⚬ a song from my preteen days

couple, music, and love image adorable, hug, and life image
never let you go - justin bieber

⚬ a song that needs to be blasted at the highest volume

Inspiring Image on We Heart It clouds, ocean, and sky image
mercy - shawn mendes

⚬ a song released the year I was born

backstreet boys, brian, and kevin image Image removed
i want it that way - backstreet boys

⚬ a song that has many meanings to me

architecture, boulevard, and buildings image boulevard, Dream, and of image
boulevard of broken dreams - green day

⚬ a song that has a person's name in the title

blue, sea, and water image waves, sea, and blue image
every breaking wave - U2

⚬ a song I think everybody should listen to

nature and people image mountain, nature, and places image
we are - one OK rock

⚬ a song that makes me want to fall in love

love, couple, and kiss image couple, sweet, and darling image
follow you - bring me the horizon

⚬ a song that breaks my heart

Inspiring Image on We Heart It dark and tree image
through the dark - one direction

⚬ a song by an artist with a voice I love

gilrs, bed, and garotas image girl, beautiful, and aesthetic image
circles - EDEN

⚬ a song I remember from childhood

miley cyrus, song, and videoclip image miley cyrus and start all over image
start all over - miley cyrus

⚬ a song that reminds me of myself

Abusive image Abusive image
doomed - bring me the horizon