So you're probably reading this article because you are waiting for that special Elder of yours to come home. If that's true then we are on the same boat! you are not alone.
My Elders name is Elder Adamson and he was called to serve in Chicago Illinois. I have been dating Elder Adamson three years prior to his mission call. I met my Elder on a cruise spring 2016, I was 16 he was 15. He came up to me and started talking about church. Yup! what a man. I am Catholic so I was interested in our religious differences. Somehow we managed to keep a conversation about this for one to two hours. Then after that first day on the cruise, we were inseparable.

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He told me this past January he wanted to go on a mission, he didn't know why he wanted to go he just needed to. I was upset and I didn't understand. I didn't talk to him for three days. He lives in Utah and I live in California so we've had distance for three years but the mission was only going to make the distance harder than it already was. Aside from that, after those three days I finally spoke to him and eventually came to an understanding that I need to support him no matter what.

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I love him and true love is being separated and my feelings for him not changing. He left August 28 2019 to the MTC and tomorrow he is off to Chicago!

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Now, I've read so many missionary success stories but I've also read so many failures. I'm not here to say it's going to be okay and we're going to have our perfect ending.
I want to more than anything but I simply don't know that. I don't know how I'll feel in the future and I don't know how our "new" selves will be. I don't know what the future holds but I do know we are in control of our relationship.

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Him and I made a promise. A promise that no matter what happens we will have three dates when he comes back to see if we are compatible. Regardless if I am talking to someone or not. Just three dates. You don't have to do this but we decided to do this because we thought it was best for our relationship to see where are "new" selves would be in the future.

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I don't know what is true in the future. But I do know what is true now. What is happening right now. What is good right now? Right now I have a man who is leading others to God and not sin. He is inspiring me to go to my church more so we could have our own religious journeys to grow from. Right now just know you have someone who loves you so much! No matter how far away he is just know two years is nothing compared to a LIFETIME of happiness.

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Thank you all for reading my missionary story! I wish all you missionary girlfriends luck, message me if you feel you need someone to talk to! If you want to continue to read my journey I will post articles monthly to update how my Elder and I are doing :)