Hello Guys ,
Today i actually wanted to talk about to love yourself because i know some girls don't and that's one thing i want everyone to know that not loving yourself is hurtful and sad sometimes we think that we can love others instead of us but No that's not the answer the answer is that you can actually make a change sometimes i always use to tell myself i was ugly and skinny i even tried to eat a lot to make myself more thicker i loved other people instead of telling myself i didn't when you start or progressing to love your own self you feel confidence and that's one of the special things about our self is knowing that we can trust our self that shows us that we can we only have to see more deeper and start learning don't let others ruin what you like about yourself that's not their business it's yours so if you don't love yourself i'm here to talk i know how it feel to have low esteem to yourself or don't love what you are and not accepting so please sometimes you can't others control what you are or how to love yourself.
-Jaritza Castro Olan