This works for your sun, moon, rising/ascendant, and venus sign (if it involves a relationship). Also, these are general readings, these don't apply to everyone. If you want a personal reading, just message me.

Aries: I'm seeing you recovering from something. For some people, this might be a breakup. Have some time for yourself and go after the next thing you desire. I'm also hearing that you need to be independent when it comes to this desire.

Taurus: Be yourself and think about what you desire. When you figure it out, be expressive about it.

Gemini: For some people, I'm seeing a relationship. Be open to it and take it. Don't worry about anything else besides yourself.

Cancer: Think about the things you have now and think about what you desire. Take action when it comes to balancing your passions and mind. Care about yourself when it comes to this desire.

Leo: I'm seeing a new cycle is coming your way. Follow your heart and be yourself when this new cycle comes. Have a strategy when it comes to you feeling unbalanced. Your hard work will pay off.

Virgo: Remember that people love you. You're learning to make yourself happy. Live in peace and harmony. Grab this new start when it comes to you.

Libra: Be aware of your surroundings. Take time for yourself. Go on your own path and have a clear mind going towards it.

Scorpio: I'm seeing that you're going to be talking with people. This might lead up to a relationship. When it comes to this relationship, it's okay to be excited and to be happy. Just have a strategy when it comes to approaching this person.

Sagittarius: I'm seeing you're going to be looking for a relationship. Follow your heart when it comes to finding this person. Don't just assume that a specific person is the one. It's okay to be anxious, you're moving in the right direction.

Capricorn: I'm seeing you're going to be resting a lot, but a relationship might be involved. Be yourself and live in this relationship for now. Stop and think about it. Be open and prideful.

Aquarius: I'm seeing a lot of stuff happening when it comes to what you desire. Be happy about this and have some time for yourself. Don't physically take action into this. I'm seeing for future advise, not all dreams come true. Have a sharp mind and caring heart. You're going to get what you desire.

Pisces: I'm seeing you're going to have some time for yourself. Be confident, honest, and be yourself. Build on this resting and happiness.