hi, everyone! it's been a while since i've posted something in here, so i decided to do it now because i kinda just feel like it, and i like doing this, and i wish i did it more often. also, i have plans to post some thoughts and stories maybe in the next weeks, but we'll see how that plays out. anyway, this article in particular is...about something i truly love... music. i love sharing music and when people share music with me, which is why i decided to share some songs from my new autumn playlist with you, which i am very proud of, so, enjoy!
note: it includes a few songs in spanish

album art, band, and bloom image Image by Sasscia
1. bloom // the paper kites
+, Lyrics, and autumn leaves image autumn, fall, and nature image
2. autumn leaves // ed sheeran
Image removed james blunt image
3. satellites // james blunt
atlantis, concert, and hurricane image breakup, heartbreak, and ignoring image
4. hurricane // bridgit mendler
Image by tenderlygirl rain, autumn, and fall image
5. good die young // molly kate kestner
the society image Image removed
6. the maze // manchester orchestra
Temporarily removed Image removed
7. atlantis // bridgit mendler
35mm, blue, and chapel image autumn, coffee, and fall image
8. quiero volver // epicentro, melissa romero
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and top image autumn, fall, and girl image
9. legend // twenty one pilots
era, trench, and yellow image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
10. the hype // twenty one pilots
autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, leaves, and fall image
11. appreciated // rixton
demi lovato, Jamie Campbell Bower, and television image vintage, autumn, and theme image
12. heart by heart // demi lovato
runnin, beyoncé, and Lyrics image autumn, books, and fall image
13. runnin' (lose it all) // naughty boy, beyonce, arrow benjamin
Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and book image
14. the fall // imagine dragons
holding on to you, twenty one pilots, and aesthetic image autumn and coffee image
15. holding on to you // twenty one pilots
fashion, sweater, and autumn image cat, animal, and kitty image
16. this girl // lauren daigle
Temporarily removed pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
17. hometown // twenty one pilots
alone, black and white, and cold image Temporarily removed
18. heaven here now // local sound
Temporarily removed Image by ℒŮℵẴ
19. '39 // queen
Image removed fall and forest image
20. feel again // onerepublic
teen wolf, teen wolf screencaps, and teen wolf aesthetic image Temporarily removed
21. who are you, really? // mikky ekko
time, quotes, and movie image Abusive image
22. roses // against the current
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
23. promises // handsome ghost
Lyrics, motivation, and imagine dragons image moon, autumn, and night image
24. round and round // imagine dragons
dark and woman image books, breakfast, and coffee image
25. oh sailor // mr little jeans, the silverlake conservatory of music youth corale
Image removed book, glasses, and writing image
26. fire n gold // bea miller
Lyrics, wallpaper, and grunge image Temporarily removed
27. livin' on a prayer // bon jovi
vintage, shop, and hat image autumn and fashion image
28. cheerleader // jp cooper
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
29. yellow // coldplay
Image removed fall, pumpkin, and autumn image
30. good company // queen