"The highly fictionalized series follows the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots. The first season opens in 1557, with Mary living in a convent in France, but she is quickly returned to the castle where we learn she is awaiting her marriage to Prince Francis, to whom she has been engaged since they were six. Mary has to contend with changing politics and power plays, as well as her burgeoning feelings for Francis and the romantic attentions of Francis's bastard half-brother, Bash. The series also follows the affairs of Mary's Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola, and Greer, who are searching for husbands of their own at French Court." - Wikipedia

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Cast: Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart, Toby Regbo as Francis II, Megan Follows as Catherine de' Medici, Torrance Coombs as Sebastian "Bash" de Poitiers.


"Merlin is a young and powerful warlock who arrives in the kingdom of Camelot after his mother arranges for him to stay with the court physician, Gaius. He discovers that the king, Uther Pendragon, outlawed magic twenty years earlier in an event known as the Great Purge and imprisoned the last Dragon deep under the castle. After hearing a mysterious voice inside his head, Merlin makes his way to the cavern beneath the keep to find that he was hearing the dragon's voice. The Great Dragon tells Merlin that he has an important destiny: To protect Uther's son, Arthur, who will return magic to Camelot and unite the land of Albion." - Wikipedia

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Cast: Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon, Angel Coulby as Guinevere, Katie McGrath as Morgana Pendragon, Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon, Richard Wilson as Gaius.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

The series follows June Colburn as she moves from Indiana to New York City to pursue her dream job – until she finds out that it no longer exists. She ends up moving in with a bon vivant party girl named Chloe. Chloe keeps her apartment by inviting roommates to move in, asking for rent up front, and then behaving outrageously until they leave. June proves more difficult to dislodge than expected, and when June reverses Chloe's latest attempt to eject her in an unexpected fashion, they end up forming an unlikely friendship." - Wikipedia

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Cast: Krysten Ritter as Chloe, Dreama Walker as June Colburn, James Van Der Beek as himself lol, Eric Andre as Mark Reynolds, Ray Ford as Luther Wilson.

That '70s Show

"That '70s Show is an American television period sitcom that is focused on the lives of a group of six teenage friends living in fictional Point Place, Wisconsin in the 70's" - Wikipedia

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Cast: Topher Grace as Eric Forman, Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti, Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart, Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde, Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso, Wilmer Valderrama as Fez.