Name: Umi Ryūjin
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Age: 1° part 19, Naruto Shippuden 21
Birthday: April 26th
Chakra Nature: water release, wind release and lightning release
Kekkei Genkai: ice release, storm release, dragon release, hypnotic voice

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Umi lived the first three years of her life in the shadow of her older siblings, the twins Kotone and Kiyoshi, daughter and son of the royal family. Umi's family was themost important in the Ryūjin clan. Umi spent most of the time training with the twins, but she wasn't good as them, who were really powerful, and so her father, to make her useful, arranged for her a marrige with Itachi, of the Uchiha clan. Both Uchiha and Ryūjin wanted this marrige to have later a kid with both of the clans's power. However, when Umi was 7, all of her clan was brutally murdered, except for her, who was saved by Itachi. His family offered to the girl a place to stay in their house where she growned up, quitting school.


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Lilac hair, blue eyes, sharp incisive and freckles.


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Chic, stylish, Umi is comfortable in heals.


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Kinda lazy, loves to eat and sleep and hates school. When she loves someone, she is very devoted to that person and would die for them. She always looks happy and friendly, but inside her heart is still broken. She would do everything for her firends.


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After quittng school, she helped Itachi's mom in the house and took care of Sasuke. When she was 13, Itachi killed everyone in Uchiha clan, saving her and Sasuke, and the two of them began to live together taking care of each other. When Sasuke became a Genin, she got jealous and mad that she didn't graduate and Kakashi offered her to join Team 7 to learn and graduate.


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Itachi Uchiha: When she was a child, she claimed to hate Itachi and didn't want to marry him, he was the best in her class while Umi was really bad, bt the choice was already made. Secretly, she liked him but wouldn't admit it. When her whole clan was killed, Itachi saved her and invited to stay at his house. They fell in love, but he left her with Sasuke and a broken heart.
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Sasuke Uchiha: Umi always cared for him and tried to protect him in any way possible. They became in time like brother and sister. But then, even Sasuke left Umi all alone.
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Naruto and Sakura: Umi loves them a lot, they are her best friends, not only her teammates, they always have each other's back in missions. Umi is so greatful to have them: Naruto always encouraged her when nobody believed in her at the first missions, and Sakura was always there for her.
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Kakashi Hatake: for Umi it was love at first sight, she fell for him immediatly, he made her feel so good and protected. It was easy to understand she loved him even thought she denied it, and surr Kakashi had somenthing for her, but afraid of love he always denied it too. He helped her practicing and training, and at a certain point she understood he was the love of her life, who would have never left her, and she confessed her love. Kakashi, unable to keep his feelings inside, confessed to her too, signin the beginning of their everlasting relationship.