Ever felt you're never good enough? I have.

It's an emotion that really gets you doubting yourself a lot. I have replayed situations where I was hurt, thinking on the "what if's" .. thinking that I needed to change myself for people in order to fit in, accept me, to be loved, to try harder, to not fail in anyone's eye etc. Until I finally TOLD myself that I was ENOUGH.

I am enough for ME, I am enough for the people who appreciates me, who supports and sticks by me, I am strong and confident enough for anything. I DON'T need to please people just to accept and fit in, love, and fail.

For the people who have been told or felt like you're not good enough, the silent suffers whose hurt, lost within yourself, all I want to say NEVER ever think that you're not good enough for someone or something, you're your own masterpiece of creation and confidence. If people cannot see the good in you and appreciate you for who you are then it is REALLY their lost.

Nobody is perfect and nobody has that right to tell you that you're not good enough. There is more right inside of you that you can proof.

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cause YOU ARE ENOUGH and never forget that.

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Thank you all for reading!
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