hey, I'm back with a new article. ''my friends as aesthetics'' I saw someone else do this a few days ago but I can't remember who. so credits to whoever started this


aesthetic, indie, and mirror image animal, crown, and floral image aesthetic, picnic, and food image hair, flowers, and aesthetic image
if flowers were a person. ilonka is a creative, cheerful, happy and hectic person. she is that type of friend that will push everything aside to make sure you're happy.


aesthetic, architecture, and travel image sky, yellow, and clouds image flowers, aesthetic, and lips image fashion, girl, and sweater image

if golden hour was a person. she's cute, loyal, a little fluffball and very sweet. and when i say very sweet i mean very very very sweet. she's that type of person that wants to take off her friends so bad that she forgets to give herself a break.


rainbow, sky, and aesthetic image flowers, rose, and water image water, blue, and aesthetic image blue, cloud, and clouds image
if the rainbow was a person, Esme is a funny, adorable, honest and a living meme. she's that type of person who wears and acts the way she wants regardless of what everyone says.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It green, aesthetic, and car image aesthetic, theme, and architecture image Abusive image
if picknicks were a person, Milou is joyful, lighthearted, enthusiastic and relatable. she would stay up all night to text with you about all the things you need to get off your chest. she's definitely the mom friend.


aesthetic, train, and alternative image aesthetic, bi, and bitch image aesthetic, grunge, and cool image grunge, pale, and palm trees image
if tears of joy were a person