Personal information :

Birth name : Lara Teixeira
Korean name : 박정린 Park Jeong Rin
Stage name : T.Rin | can be written : T.Rin(g) (tearing)
Date of birth : 1995.05.25
Nationality : Portuguese
City of birth : Porto
Height : 173cm

Career :

Debuted August 9 2017 under BigHit
Trained for 5 months
Was casted after a friend convinced her to attend the audition (she was originally a international law student, majoring in criminalogy)
Rapper, dancer, singer, producer, lyricist, actress, model

Extra facts :

Always has pride flags at her concerts
Friends with BTS, close to the rap line
SUGA is her role model
Has a big ass crush on Sunmi and it shows
Also friends with TXT, HyunA, Jackson and (G) I-DLE 's Soojin and Yuqi
Loves Harry Potter, Greek mythology, astronomy and literature
Moved to France at the age of 7, lived there for 10 years than moved to the US, 3 years in New York City, finally moved to Korea, was supposed to live there for only an year for study purposes but got casted by BigHit.
Also lived in China for 3 months for study purposes as well.
Can speak Portuguese, French, Spanish, Korean, English and Chinese fluently and she is also good at Japanese and Italian.
People are amazed by her language learning skills.

*Looks like this

Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara
face claim @rieoni on ig

Fashion :

Daily/airport :

Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara

Stage :

Image by Lara Image by Lara sunmi, kpop, and wonder girls image Image by Lara

Interviews/special appearances :

Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara

Award shows :

Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara Image by Lara

Instagram :

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Debut album :

Name : 08.09 (August 9th)
Tracks :
Intro : 23 (the number of scars visible on her arm, talks about her past with mental illness and self-harm, tells fans to never give up, "there will be a brighter tomorrow",slow and emotional rap kinda like SUGA's 'First Love')
Crazy for me (title, happy song about self-love and self-confidence, "i'm myself, that's why they're crazy for me", electro-pop, dance break on a hip-hop beat, complex choreo)
Ur mum likes me best (strong, agressive rap, a revenge song dedicated to her old bullies, manga references, "from Ignir, I'm Natsu, my words are fire burning you", simple yet cool choreo, censured by KBS because of swearing, fans' favorite song)
Hermes' shoes (based on her favorite mythological stories, expresses her curiosity on the world and different cultures, thirst of learning and traveling, rock-ish vibe, no choreo, "wearing Hermes' shoes I'll run through the skies")
Outro : Hope (a chill r&b song, expresses her fears and expectations for the future, her future but also the world's future, no rap, no choreo, just soft vocals, "for a tomorrow I hope")

Concept :

Talks about big society issues and mental health issues
Uses her experience as an example of hope and strength for her fans
HONESTY is the key word for producing her songs
Lots of feelings
MVs based on books, legends and mythology
Like BTS her songs have deep meanings and research behind it
Sexy, girl crush, cute, fun, chill, aesthetic she does it all
Powerful and memorable stages

Controversies :

Dating rumors (V, Yeonjun, Momo, Bambam)
Coming out as bisexual was both praised and heavily criticized (mostly by elders and basic antis)
She once modeled for a lingerie brand
Old pics of her vaping with high school friends when she was 14 (this didn't last long as her friends and fans were quick to respond)