A - Age

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I´m 16 years old.

B - Best Feature

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My eyes and my legs.

C - Colour

black, buildings, and city image aesthetic, black, and colour image
My favorite colour is black.

D - Desire

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Travel the world, have a family, work with something i like and be happy.

E - Everday Start´s With

cosy, girl, and not commercial image alternative, people, and toothbrush image
Brush my teeth.

F - Favorite movie/tv show

mamma mia, guitar, and amanda seyfried image Image removed friends, chandler, and Joey image friends, 90s, and Joey image
My favorite movie is mamma mia, it´s a wonderful musical, and it reminds me of my aunt and my favorite tv show is friends, i love it so much, i´ve seen it many times.

G - Greatest Accomplishment

city, light, and new york image new york, aesthetic, and broadway image
My trip to New York.

H - Height

girl, autumn, and fall image girl, land, and sunlight image
I´m 1,61 cm.

I - In Love With

dog, puppy, and cute image food, pizza, and friends image
Animals and pizza.

J - Job Of My Dreams

Not sure yet.

K - Kids

Image by Trang Image by Trang
I want to have two children.

L - Last Thing I Ate

chocolate, godiva, and Cookies image chocolate and food image

M - Magical Power I Want


N - Number Of Siblings

1 (older brother).

O - One Favorite Song

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Hey Jude by The Beatles

P - Person I Last Texted

My best friend.

Q - Questions I Am Always Asked

"What´s your name?", "Where are you from?"

R - Reasons To Smile

dog, puppy, and cute image beach, sky, and sunset image
Dogs, beach.

S - Song You Last Sang

Where Is The Love? - The Black Eyed Peas.

T - Time I Wake Up

paris and breakfast image autumn, blue, and clouds image
at 6:00 a.m.

U - Underwear Color

Black, is beautiful.

V - Vacation Place

france, lunch, and paris image

W - Worst Habit

Nail biting.

X- X-Rays I´ve Had

My teeth, stomach, i think that´s it.

Y - Your Favorite Drink

vintage, coca cola, and diet coke image water, lemon, and voss image
Soda and Water.

Z - Zodiac Sign

aries, art, and arte image aesthetic, april, and edit image