Cassie Ainsworth

skins, cassie, and sid image cassie ainsworth, minimalism, and minimalist image cassie ainsworth, eat, and skins image blonde, fashion, and cassie image
stubborn / curious / prospecting

Effy Stonem

dark, fashion, and flash image Temporarily removed skins, Effy, and Hamlet image Temporarily removed
manipulative / reserved / observant

Chris Miles

Image by benedettaa skins, chris, and chris miles image boy, cigarette, and smoke image miley image
extroverted / secretive / compassionate

Tony Stonem

Temporarily removed quotes image anime, boy, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
charming / honest / confident

Sid Jenkins

skins, loser, and sid image Image by ☠ Cαяlos ☢ boy, modern, and morning image grunge, quotes, and school image
follower / awkward / loyal

Mini McGuinness

Image by tenderlygirl quotes and words image freya mavor, skins, and blonde image Image by cludam
defensive / feisty / witty

(James) Cook

Temporarily removed skin, cook, and sad image Temporarily removed acid, kids, and grunge image
confronting / hedonistic / impulsive

Franky Fitzgerald

skins, franky fitzgerald, and franky image Temporarily removed quotes, Angelina Jolie, and hate image girl, goals, and quotes image
masculine / assuming / intuitive

Anwar Kharral

Dev Patel, serie, and skins image drink, gif, and bless image Abusive image love and quotes image
curious / fair / thinker

Jal Fazer

Temporarily removed hands, black, and skin image purple, music, and nails image Temporarily removed
supportive / diligent / caring

Michelle Richardson

hands, aesthetic, and art image Image by Zoki Poki Net Mature image Image removed
vulnerable / sassy / headstrong

Maxxie Oliver

skins, maxxie, and mitch hewer image neon, quotes, and aesthetic image sky, grunge, and boy image ballet, guys, and japanese image
truthful / proud / sensing

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