Hair transplant has become the latest trend among the younger generation who would want to enthusiastically follow it for a limited time. The big question that arises in the mind of the person is that will hair transplant be successful? Does the hair transplant procedure result in any unwanted changes in the body?

Hair transplant like any other surgery is a cause of concern. Mostly hair follicles or grafts are removed occipital area i.e. ( back of the head) as they are convenient for the surgeon and sometimes from the other parts of the body if the donor area doesn’t have enough donor's hairs.
People report discomfort after hair transplant it might mainly be due to sitting or sleeping patterns during a hair transplant. As we are aware that before any surgery anesthesia is administered in the same way in hair transplant the scalp is numbed with local anesthesia that you don”t feel any pain or discomfort. Pain is only felt when the patient has injected anesthesia it is less painful than the pain we feel on the hands or hips when we go for injection.

The patient is awake during the surgery he or she can talk, watch T.V. as many clinics provide all the facilities to make the patient comfortable. Firstly the patient should know as to what is hair transplant as the are two types of transplant FUT and FUE.
Slight pain or discomfort after a hair transplant is quietly controlled by giving medications. Mostly after FUT, there will be a feeling of tightness, pain as the area is stitched and these stitches are opened after a gap of 14 days.Pain is optional some feel pain some don’t even feel the pain it all depends upon each individual.FUE is mostly favored by both the patients and surgeons as it is less painful or no pain at all. FUE is time-consuming as the time has taken is 6 to 7 hours it might even take 2 days if the grafts to be transplanted are 3000 to 3500 this will be done in two sittings. The best of FUE surgery is it doesn’t leave any scar on the scalp.FUE heals faster and than FUT.
There might be some side effects of transplant which will be temporary: inflammation, boils, aftershocks