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basic info

name: william morgan
birthday: january 15, 1990
nationality: british-american

appearance โ€• douglas booth (fc)
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william has short, straight brown hair with hazel eyes, pouty lips with a defined jaw
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he's 6'1 tall, slim but fit, well-shaped body with broad shoulders
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william's spoiled. he loves money but deeply hates his family. he likes to live his life as he wants, even if it's the wrong way. william's a party animal; he loves women, drinking, smoking and basically doing whatever he wants. he's ambitious, cold, extrovert, serious, arrogant, mischief, stubborn. william's broken even though he doesn't admit it. he doesn't know how to control his rage and many times his emotions took control over him, leading william into fights and troubles. however, william knows how to be caring about the one he loves, even if he has some trouble showing it off.
william's backstory
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william was born in england. he grew up without his father, he being distant and cold and always away for work. he attended a private, prestigious school, where he came very close to people who were wicked and spoiled. during this time he developed an addiction to drugs and drinking, which became way stronger due his father's pression for running the company and not being the 'perfect son'.

angelica santos: lover

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william would literally die for angelica. their passion and chemistry led them to be inseparable and bounded in the strongest way. in the beginning, william loved angelica just for her body, her passion, and the strength of her emotions, but at the end he ended up loving her for her mind and personality; angelica and william changed and made each other better and worse at the same time.
william aesthetics
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