Hello lovely people! How are you, how did your summer vacation go? Some may be sad that this warm season full of fun, memories, and summer love is over, but others (like me) are enjoying the rainy fall, have prepared their sweaters and oversize hoodies, and are ready for pumpkin pies and lots of pictures into the leaves! Doesn't it sound great? To be part of your autumn mood, I have prepared some things you can do in the fall, to make it even more awesome! I hope you like it, if u do, don't forget to like the article, and to see my other articles and photos that I share, follow me! Enjoy reading!

1. Watch Autumn Movies.

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No matter if they are movies for Halloween or just are made in the fall, they will give you great vibes! Here are some that I like: 1. When Harry Met Sally 2. You've Got Mail 3. Monster House 4. Addams Family Values 5. The Nightmare Before Christmas 6. Dead Poets Societ

2. Bake cakes!

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What's better than the smell of freshly baked cookies and muffins in your house? To make them look even better, you can decorate them, add frosting, paint them a little faces, spiders, pumpkins, just use your imagination!

3. Pictures among the leaves.

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Put on your hat, scarf, coat or just a sweater, get your best friend and you're done! Memories, smiles, Instagram photos (show them who's opening the season)!

4. Decorate your room

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Put pillows with sign like "Trick or treat", fake pumpkins, leaf garlands, lights over the bed, whatever comes to your mind! You can buy things from the stores, or you can do it yourself. There are all sorts of different and interesting ideas on YouTube and Pinterrest.

5. Shop for school

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With fall, school coming too. Make the experience enjoyable (as difficult as it is) by going to the market. Buy all kinds of cute and interesting notebooks, bookmarks, folders, pencils, everything colorful and fun that will make school enjoyable. Go shopping for new winter and fall clothes, and maybe u will find some summer sales for those who still don't want the summer to end.

6. Read books

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A soft blanket, a rainy day, a big sweater, a cup of tea or hot chocolate, a nice book and you. An incredible combination. Here are some suggestions from me. 1. Harry Potter 2. When We Fall - Emily Liebert 3. Mindy McGinnis - A Madness So Discreet 4. Jane Air

7. Drink or make a pumpkin latte

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Pumpkins latte is being offered at Starbucks in the autumn, but for more fun, I suggest you to make one by yourself! Here's an easy recipe: https://pin.it/rcpjdvprahrrvk

Thank you for your attention, don't forget to like and follow, if you want to see more articles and photos. I wish you a nice day and even more nice autumn!! LOVE U XOXO