To the one I hold dear,
darling hold me as if it's the last time you'll see me. kiss me like you've missed me...
remember me when you're sad and lonely, remember that I am always with you and be happy..
think about me when you're joyous, about sharing our joys with each other....
love me the way I love you despite all our pains.... knowing we may hurt each other But our love will be strong enough..
This is what I would say to you, when you are so close yet so far away from me...
you're the kind of person that makes me want to change myself for the better, to improve my self and go forward with my life on the right path.
You're someone who has taught me, that love isn't a bed of roses, it's a roller coaster ride, it has compromises, understanding, hugging and being there for one another sometimes not just by being there, by just not doing anything and knowing,
You're someone who I would let go of... if that made you happy. Because when u love someone enough no matter how painful it may be to let go, it was good for your lover. I would do it. I never knew this kind of pain and feelings. But here they are... In my heart.

Dr. Bali

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