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☯ Name: Fedra

☯ Appearence:

beautiful, books, and castle image eyes, blue, and eye image girl, black and white, and freckles image Temporarily removed art, beautiful, and beauty image Temporarily removed
Auburn hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, cute nose

☯ Parents:

princess image flowers, fountain, and water image aesthetic, architecture, and beige image blond, boys, and grunge image
Megara and Hercules

☯ Home:

coldplay, greek, and palace image bird, dove, and vintage image black and building image white, architecture, and interior image
She lives in a quite secluded area of Auradon, in a 'greek-temple-like' house

☯ Style:

aesthetic, Chica, and dress image fashion, necklace, and style image white, fashion, and vintage image fashion, flower, and pink image accessories, jewelry, and rings image jewelry, nails, and necklace image
Pink in Fedra's favourite color, she likes long skirts and flowy clothes

☯ Personality:

quotes, wallpaper, and motivation image quotes and english image Temporarily removed Image by Belaseed quotes, words, and stress image quotes, books, and coffee image
She's hardworking, imaginative, reserved, sweet, introvert, kind, sometimes shy

☯ Powers/Talents:

horse, pegasus, and wings image music, passion, and singing image
She doesn't have powers, but she is quite talented at riding Pegasus and at singing too
aesthetic, bibliophile, and books image
She really likes writing poetry, but has never shown her works to anyone

☯ Song:

couple, dark, and goal image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
heart, words, and love image
"I can't believe my heart" - Keep reading and discover why ;D

☯ Friends:

evie, jane, and d2 image jay, lonnie, and disney image carlos, disney, and gif image actor, beautiful, and ben image
Jane and Lonnie are her best frinds, but she's also close to Evie, Carlos and Gil

☯ Formal:

  • Ben's Coronation
dress, fashion, and gold image Temporarily removed
  • Cotillion
dress image shoes, heels, and high heels image
  • Hair & Make Up
back, brown, and flower image flowers, eye, and makeup image

☯ Love Interest:

Temporarily removed book image love, kiss, and guy image ace, asexual, and space ace image
Adam Frollo - After a couple relationships gone wrong and seeing quite some couples split up she decided all the love thing wasn't for her. She did believe love to exist, she only thought it too hard to find. After 'Descendants 3', when all the VKs are released from the island, she met, Adam, son of judge Claude Frollo. They found common ground in the love for literature. She couldn't believe it when she fell in love. They have a sweet and cute relationship


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