Hello! I didn' have enough time to write in the previous days so I will upload as many as I can today. I'm going to write about a mythical creature according to @brownhaireddreamer 's challenge:

I suggest doing this challenge because it willl help you boost your creativity and imagination and it's also better than scrolling all day on instagram or youtube.
Day nine
what are their likes and dislikes? what is your character's favourite food, dessert and drink?

Selene likes astronomy, it's something she has gotten from her mother. She loves everything that has to do with space, stars and galaxies.

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Spending time with her cat, Cassandra, is also one of her first priorities because she can learn a lot from her, since she can predict the future.

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Painting or reading are very soothing to her after a long day and that is the reason she has so many paint bottles and books.

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She doesn't really have a favourite food, since she left her mother's house from a very young age, but the one food she loves and has a place in her heart is the pizza her mother used to make. Her favorite food however, now that she lives alone, are noodles and pirozhki (russian street food, thay are basically small pies stuffed with a range of ingredients like rice, meat, vegetables, berries and fruit etc.)

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Black is her favorite color, it always seemed so mysterious to her.

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Her favorite season is winter, mostly because she likes getting cozy in her bed with a nice book and a cup of tea while looking at the snow falling outside of her window.

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Her favorite drinks is iced and boba tea probably, she doesn't really have an appetite for drinks.

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The truth is that Selene dislikes a lot of things because she is a little selective. I will say just the basic things.

Selene just dislikes kpop music. (this isn't meant to offend anyone, everyone has different opinions, interests and dislikes.) She finds this type of music boring and a little overrated.

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She hates being lied to. She usually doesn't ask someone to reveal a secret so she believes that if someone wants to tell her something it should be true. She dislikes most people in general to be honest.

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