hey!! this originally was going to be a all subunits list but nct literally just have too many bops to put into a list this small so this is just for 127 :)

15. firetruck

okay maybe it definitely isn’t the best song but as a donghyuck stan I had to include it because his part hits SO different.

aesthetic, aesthetics, and gif image

14. back 2 u

it goes so hard honestly the entirety of cherry bomb is flawless.

nct, haechan, and nct 127 image

13. regular (eng ver)

i think i might be the only person who prefers the english version to the korean verison but jaehyun’s line hits hard every time lmaooo i really do love it sm. the only reason it’s not in the top ten is because it’s kinda overplayed.

aesthetic, haechan, and regular era image
long live bucket hat hyuck😔

12. limitless

i LOVE limitless so much, the whole album slaps and i even loved the concept. the hairstyles were questionable but they still looked incredible ofc.

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seriously doyoung looks like a carrot

11. simon says

the concept? incredible. MOON FUCKING TAEIL’S VOCALS? flawless. donghyuck’s era? correct. the lyrics are so funny to me but it’s such a bop and don’t even get me started on johnny ohhh my. i wish sicheng had more lines, fuck sm.

Image by ᴘɪ
look at jungwoo HSIT SJSJSJS and donghyuck pls
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he rlly said fuck nctzen lives

10. superhuman

ngl when i heard the intro my expectations weren’t very high but then hyuck went off and i was literally so overwhelmed i cried bro. JOHNNY AND MARK’S PART SHITTTT. all the doyoung clones honestly a dream come true. and ofc this is the era that birthed red hair yuta and silver hair hyuck which i am eternally grateful for. wouldve been better w sicheng tho :/

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i have a lot to say about silver donghyuck

9. fly away with me

first off, UNDERRATED BOP. the self filmed music video is so cute and it makes me so soft bro. i’m so in love with it jaehyun’s vocals just feel like home.

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97 babies :(((

8. touch

okay from this point onwards it was so so hard to put them in order because these are some of my favourites, but i set this as 8 because i think the main reason i like it so much is the concept more so than the song. THE CONCEPT !! no music video ( aside from mayb chewing gum or let me love u) makes me as happy as seeing them all smiling together!! my babies honestly and as always taeil and doyoung’s vocals outsold.

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yuwin visual gods

7. whiplash

if you don’t like whiplash what are you DOING honestly it’s one of their best songs of all time, the concept is flawless and cherry bomb is honestly their best mini album in my opinion !! bruh i get so hyped to this song at 3 in the morning when i should be revising for chemistry. this song goes so hard taeyong and mark are RAP GODS.

haechan, nct, and kpop image
honestly u can tell from this article alone im a hyuck stan

6. no longer

this is my go to crying song, it makes me cry my eyes out. their vocals are so beautiful and there’s something that’s so simple about this song that really showcases them. usually i’m not the biggest fan of slow and sad songs but ever since the first listen this has been one of my absolute favourites and my favourite from the regular album :((

yuta, nct, and nct 127 image jaehyun, wayv, and jung jaehyun image johnny, nct, and nct 127 image doyoung, nct, and kim doyoung image

5. cherry bomb

my absolute favourite comeback and tbh no matter how incredible 127 are i doubt they’ll ever be able to top it. i know some people just aren’t the biggest fans of their title tracks in general and whilst i agree their bsides are usually better cherry bomb is absolute ART

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i miss candyfloss yongie
donghyuck, nct, and nct u image
the outfit is questionable but look at how he’s posing omg he’s so cute my baby :((

4. angel

honestly it was really hard to choose between 4th and 3rd because i love them both a lot !! but angel makes me so happy honestly just the lyric ‘i’ll be your morning star and you are my angel’ makes me so so happy, their voices make me so happy and this is the song i know i can listen to if i want to be cheered up. it goes against the whole limitless concept which i thought was rlly cute!!

johnny, mark, and limitless image

3. baby don’t like it

when i first listened to this song i absolutely hated it but it grew on me SO fast. mark’s rap is incredible and the fact he wrote the majority ( it think) of this baffles me he’s so talented. i loved it before but now i’ve seen it live i ADORE it oh my god hyuck and taeil. idk what it is about this song but it’s just so addictive i can never get tired of it.

gif, taeil, and donghyuck image
someone said hyuck kisses like this and when i tell u that i CRIED

2. sun&moon

until recently this was my favourite song of all time. it’s quite a sad song but honestly it fills me with so much warmth?? i can fall asleep listening to it and doyoung’s vocals bias wreck me SO hard. AND JAEHYUN HOLYYYYYYY. it’s just such a unique song to me the whole vibe of it makes me so happy yet sad at the same time.

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just facts

1. highway to heaven (both versions)

i am in love with this song, which is probably obvious from my username. from the first listen the korean version was my absolute favourite song and i can listen to it on repeat for hours. i couldn’t force myself to choose between both of them because i adore them both so much. the lyrics are so different so at first i wasn’t the biggest fan of the english version but obviously now it goes so hard and everything about it is perfect. i prefer the english mv to the korean one but thats just because seeing them all together smiling and having a good time fills me with so much happiness🥺 i love these boys so much.

nct image nct, taeyong, and nct 127 image kpop, jaehyun, and highway to heaven image kpop, mark, and mark lee image