You heard the lament before: the women complain about the men who behave like patanes.

Love relationships, on many occasions, end up being a torment from which we cannot escape. We wonder how it all happened, how it was that suddenly things just went to hell, but, perhaps, from the beginning we were predestined to fail. Was the choice of that couple that at one time seemed to fill us the wrong one? Do we become that woman trying to change who we consider perfect?

"If a man is not with you, he does not love you and will never love you, you must move and look for something else. If that subject deceives you, accept it, he will deceive you for the rest of the relationship and will not change. If you are with whom that man cheat, what do you expect ?, that with you be different? It will not happen. "

They don't look good protectors
Are predictable
They seem insecure
They don't behave like men

It is a global problem; We all have a friend, if it is not our case, who has lived that romance in which she does not know why she is there, but she has the fervent conviction that her partner will change. We have already seen it in "The unbearable lightness of being": it will not happen, even for the deepest love they profess at some point. Maybe, at some point, we should consider the kind man we always put aside.

The only thing that remains to be said is: let's stop believing that the scumbag man, perfect for "changing it with our love" is an option, and let's doubt our self-esteem ... Do you want to endure a lifetime in which a love in which will you never trust completely? Still there, if not, move and find someone who makes you truly happy :) <3.

Going through a sad moment