Hi guys in wake of the amazon fires I think a lot of us have become more environmentally aware and concerned for our planet.

The damage we are doing to the earth is at an insane rate and by a hundred different ways but today I just want to talk about one specific type.


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-Humans have already chopped down about 50% of the rainforests that once existed on the planet

- at the current rate of destruction, we will completely destroy the rainforests in the next 40 years.

IMAGINE THAT!!! your future children will only see these lush beautiful forests in books and pictures!

But I mean it’s only a bunch of trees right? It really wouldn’t affect our day to day lives right?


It’s going to affect the air we breathe, it’s going to affect the temperature, there is a strong link with global warming and the intensity of hurricanes and frequency of forest fires, there’s going to be more droughts in some parts of the world and more floods in others.

The main people responsible for this is not us but big companies and governments who just don’t care.

We can help by not only electing leaders that care for our environment but boycotting companies that don’t. So what companies do we support that not only say no to damaging the environment but go out of their way to help improve it?


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-Ecosia is a search engine but unlike Google it uses around 80% of its profits to plant trees and better the environment.

-For every 45 searches it plants a tree and their servers run on solar power.

They have to date planted about 65,000, 000 trees! According to environmental reports planting billions of trees all over the world can improve the conditions on earth drastically.

Billions of people use google but if we support companies like Ecosia instead imagine the good they could do? The greenery they could restore?


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This company takes one pound of trash out of the ocean for every bracelet purchased! Our oceans and wildlife need our help and if any of us can afford it we should definitely contribute.

These are it for now! I’ll post more later :)