Hi guys! Here are a few movies to watch on fall/autumn season that are spooky but not horror.


autumn, Halloween, and pumpkin image

A girl who discovered that she is a witch tries to save a city full of supernatural beings from a pure evil with her grandmother.


Halloween, magic, and movie image

Two girls not only that find out that they’re twin sisters discovered that are also witches and they have to save their castle and they’re people from they’re uncle.

Corpse bride

tim burton and corpse bride image

Two corpses fall in love and get through a lot end up getting married.

The nightmare before Christmas

Halloween, the nightmare before christmas, and tim burton image

This is good to watch both fall and winter.

Girl vs monster

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A high school girl has to fight a ton of monsters on a halloween night.

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Ok guys, that was it. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will try to watch the movies I’ve listed. Thank you for your attention!