Accept his help

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Yes, you're an independent girl but you can accept your bf's help if he offers it. It boosts his confidence as he feels strong. They're humans too after all.


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As I mentioned, boys are humans too so they need compliments as much as girls do.


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Appreciation boosts people's confidence. It makes them happy that you care about them and appreciate the things he does for you.

Don't refuse his jacket / shirt when he's giving you that

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Giving you his shirt is a sign that he cares about you. Also, it looks great wearing a big hoodie or jacket (bonus: it smells like him).

Trust him

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Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. Not just you want trust, he wants it too. If your man just stares into nothing, that doesn't directly means that he's thinking about someone else. Probably he's not even thinking about anything at all!

Do not leave him alone when you are with your friends

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I try to pay attention all of my friends when we're going somewhere as a group. You don't want your bf to feel alone, right?

Kiss his neck when you're hugging him

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Who doesn't like neck kisses? It's soooo romantic and not only girls love it! Boys like getting their neck kissed during a long long hug.

Sit next to him closely and don't freak out if he pulls you on his lap

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You love being on the lap of your bf, right? Well, good news: He likes it too. If you keep distance from him that does not really shows love.

Stroke his hair

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Personally I melt when someone strokes my hair or caresses my back and I just know boys love that too. Stroke his haiiiir!

Whisper "I love you" in his ears

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It will make him go crazy for you, believe me and he will get chills in a positive way. Ears are sensitive to whispers.

Hold his hand

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Holding hands and walking close to him is really romantic. He will appreciate that you don't keep your relationship as a secret but show it to the world by holding hands than pull him into a hug.

Say good things about him around his / your friends

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Saying "he's amazing!" or things like this will make him fall in love with you more. You're with people who are close to you / him and you're not afraid complimenting him in front of them.

Hug him tight... Then tighter

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Again: hug is an important key. If you do it tighter and tighter then it's like you're loving him more and more.

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