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-Rebel Princess-

Name // Aura Hope Scarr

Age // 18

Appearance //

Image removed aesthetic, art, and eyes image black and white, phoebe tonkin, and model image black, hair, and black hair image
Dark hair, piercing cold blue eyes, pale skin, lithe frame and light freckles.

Preferred Style //

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed dress, black, and fashion image Image by Nathalie03
Black, either classy when in public or hiding her status with more common clothes to hide he face and body when being her vigilante side.

Formal Dress //

dress and black image dress, fashion, and red image dress, formal, and fashion image dress, fashion, and purple image
Dark, lace, silk and velvet

Hairstyles //

hair, black, and aesthetic image beautiful, curls, and naked image braid, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, black, and dark hair image
Usually loose waves, with a ribbon or hairband

Crown //

crown, crystals, and black image Image by Cris Figueiredo
crown, gold, and tiara image crown, crystal, and Queen image

Jewellery //

aesthetic, black, and dark image
Moonstone ring, harnesses the power of the moon, given to her by a witch who's life she saved.
black, skull, and nails image book, once upon a time, and necklace image

Hobbies //

Vigilante by night, she sneaks out of the palace and fights crime in a country full of injustice. By day, she is an artist and literary genius with a deep love for animals.