Hello babes,
This is my first article and I’m really excited about it. Lately, I’ve been seeing around this challenge called Define Yourself In Pictures. I found it really cool and I thought, why don’t I do it as well? Besides, what better way to get to know me, right? So here it is:


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion, grunge, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image hair, blue, and black image beauty and hair image


Image by Dan Veldhuizen neon, red, and light image ocean, nature, and sea image hair, blue, and braid image


Temporarily removed Image removed wolf, animal, and flowers image wolf, animal, and nature image wolf, animal, and nature image Image removed


burger, healthy, and vegan image food, healthy, and pineapple image delicious, food, and fries image garlic bread image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It


book, harry potter, and sweater image aesthetics, books, and coffee image book and tea image book, horror, and it image beautiful, book, and love image book, oscar wilde, and vintage image


metallica, dave mustaine, and James Hetfield image 80s, band, and rook image Temporarily removed Image removed background, black, and home image


steven spielberg, schindlers list, and john williams image film, gay, and korea image american history x, movie, and poster image graphic design, movie, and poster image Leonardo di Caprio, movie, and shutter island image the girl and with the dragon tattoo image


lockscreen, wallpaper, and 13 reasons why image aesthetic, autumn, and beauty image cillian murphy, serie, and peaky blinders image Image removed the umbrella academy and netflix image orange is the new black image


art, drawing, and smoke image art, eye, and painting image art, painting, and paint image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, eyes, and painting image


quotes, difference, and motivation image quotes, grunge, and afraid image quotes, eyes, and touch image boss, inspiration, and Jennifer Lawrence image quotes, inspiration, and frases image generation, grunge, and quotes image

Dream Home:

Image by tenderlygirl home image Temporarily removed cactus, plants, and greenhouse image bathroom, home, and interior image pool, summer, and nature image


photography, camera, and plants image study, school, and college image 90s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image summer, nature, and friends image

Places I Want To Visit:

Temporarily removed film, gorgeous, and italy image Temporarily removed beach, castle, and travel image Temporarily removed japan, sakura, and flowers image

Dreams & Goals:

chemistry, science, and colors image abs, body, and fit image piano, theme, and aesthetic image art, beach, and painting image girl, photography, and camera image