So last time I wrote an article only with pictures of quotes. So today I want to make similar thing but on different topic. Happiness.

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I couldn't agree more with that. We maybe walk on the same or similar path but we are caring different luggage. So remember...comparing yourself with others is like sunflower waiting to bloom when first snowflake falls (That comparison is maybe too much, but my point here was that everyone is unique, beautiful in their own way and having their own highlight in different times).
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I don`t think we can be happy all the time. We need a little bit of rain or storm in our lives, so we can appreciate sunny days.
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Don`t just say it: I want to be happy. Say: I am happy. Thinking more positive can really change your view on life. I confess that I am not very good at thinking positive, but I am working on that. I can proudly say it, that I changed in that way. It`s a slow process but its worth it.
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Making other people happy, makes you happy. Think about how can you make someone in your live a little happier and even if is just for one minute. Maybe tell a joke or compliment someone. The other day I was in the store and a cashier was a young girl and her make.up was absolutely beautiful. I don`t feel comfortable talking to strangers but I thought that this could made her day. And so I compliment her makeup and she smiled and thanked me. It made my day.

But if you thing you couldn't do something like that, then maybe spend your free time with your pets. I am sure they would love it. I do this all the time. Spending time with my pets really puts me in a good mood and they are always so happy if I spend some time with them.

I thought writing this article would be simple, but I spent quite some time on it. But I am happy that I am coming out of my
comfortable zone and sharing my thoughts with you :)

Be kind. ♡

P.s.: English is not my native language so I am sorry for spelling mistakes.
An also you can massage me. I never had a problem listening to people stories, because I always thought that nobody really listens what others are saying, so I decide I can be one of those people who listens, because I do care about it.