hey babies Hope you're doing good , i'm doing well
i feel like i'm writing a letter to someone hehehe sh""t
anyways ...

i've been thinking alot about what makes me feel good and thinking about stuff that i like
and at some points in my life i found out that i love photograph
or taking photos to stuff , nature , sky .. its kind of a hobby for me which i really like ,, also i found out lately that i like To vlog and make videos
i was like why not i'll create a youtube channel and put my vlogs that i edit ... thats what i did actually but it wasn't that creative ... and no one was supporting me or something but some of my friends on we heart it sent me messages and telling me you can do it , i'll be first subscriber Lol i was happy actually but it did not end well so i just told myself thats enough you can not do it who cares about your vlogs... i hated myself a lot because i gave up even before trying my best !! and 1 month ago i created a new channel and same thing is happening to me i was like " why am i like this " .. thats why i'm writing that article now , if someone wants to join my new channel send me a message here or in instagram better , lets follow each other
thank you