Depression and anxiety, the monsters that swallow up our happiness.

Yes, there are days we don't feel like wearing makeup and don't even bother about how we look.
Not everyone can find this a helpful tip but, "Makeup can help your depression" How does that happen?

Let's begin with how you feel right now. Do you feel self-loathing? worthless, lonely? Or a lack of confidence with your looks?

Here's what happens when you wear makeup at the state of depression, anxiety or any difficult time you're going through.

Let's talk about "The lipstick effect" A theory that says when facing economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods, but, Lipsticks. And why does that happen? The results suggest this phenomenon is driven by women's desire to attract.

Therefore, it helps you to feel good and confident about yourself as well as increasing feelings of self-esteem, attitude, and personality.

According to me, Makeup is Art.

Art is a way to stress relieve, so is Makeup. Painting your face is a lot fun and it distracts from everything that's around you.

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However, your no-makeup-face is beautiful, and you need to love it before loving anything else. Think of "Makeup" as a stress reliever and that will help.

Here are the shades I go for depending on my mood.

girly, kiss, and lips image
I don't wanna be sad anymore
red, lipstick, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Life is being a bish lemme go red
pİnk phase image aesthetic, gloss, and glossy image aesthetic, gloss, and pink image
I don't feel like wearing a lipstick
Temporarily removed gloss, lip gloss, and shiny image
Gothic mood