Saying "bye, bye" to our weekend , sometimes is a lazy day and another times is really exhausting, some people go out with friends and others stay in home. Today will see some perfect things to do on Sunday.

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Go to walk in the park Something perfect for our mind and soul it's walk, meanwhile you listen your favorite song, or spend time with someone you love.
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Go out of the city for the day If you want little adventure, you can go out of the city with a friend or with your family; maybe to some narby beach or town.
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Watch a movie, meanwhile you eat something Perfect plan to stay at home, enjoy a good movie with something delicious or just lay on your bed meanwhile you watch your favorite serie.
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Take a nap This no need a description, sunday is a day perfect to take a nap, in the air you can feel the relax and everything say "Sleep time"
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Spend your day with your BFF Spending time with your best friend, it's something amazing; here you can go out somewhere, or stay at home doing something fun with she/he. Enjoy yourself!
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Stay at home and enjoy ur day with ur family Always is good spend time with your loved ones, talking, laughing, watching tv, playing a table game, and a lot of things; be creative!