You might have seen in the past 2 weeks a lot of news talking about the fires that have been going on in South America….specially in Brasil and now it's expanding viciously throughout the neighboring countries. Although the fire has been going on for more than 4 weeks but the media didn’t cover it till NASA Satellites actually released the horrifying pictures.

Due to illegal deforestations and the result of also illegal forest clearing “by using fires of course” that are BOTH being authorized by the Brazilian president “Bolsonaro” our last remaining and most important & unique ecosystem is being destroyed.
According to a lot of research, it has been confirmed that every minute that passes, without putting the fire down, an area of the size of a football field is being lost! And this year’s wildfires have increased to 84%.

So why should we start acting?

Loss of biodiversity

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It's the house of 1/10 known species on planet earth. and let's not forget mentioning the 40,000 plus types of different trees
(Some mammals like sloths & anteaters; amphibians and lizards) They are slow animals, running from the fire is going to be a hard thing to accomplish.

Evolution needed time to achieve what we have now for different species, and we are destroying it in a matter of seconds.

It slows down the pace of global warming

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It's a huge crisis that the world keeps on denying. BUT its time to wake up!!

The world's temperature has been rising and we are starting to notice it throughout the major catastrophes that have been impacting us all around the globe. We are getting to a point of no return, and we had hope that we still have time to reduce it, but as long as the rainforest is burning, the carbon emission has been increasing.

More than 1 million indigenous people live in the rainforest

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Yes, we still have tribes living in forests. and thanks to them they have been fighting for their land since we landed on their territory, while we are being home not knowing what’s going on out there.
Those innocent people are being victims of the agricultural industry.

Planet's lungs

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It generates a fifth of the total oxygen that is produced globally and it absorbs a huge amount of CO2 from the atmosphere that we have been producing like crazy.

SO take a moment and think, how would it be if the amount of oxygen decreases!

The rainforest is vulnerable

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Tropical rainforests produce a nice amount of humidity and moisture that works like a shield. It helps to protect it from the dry seasons that can end up causing wildfires. But since Bolsonaro got to power this protective shield is being reduced, and for what?!
believe me and this ain't a joke, one word, COWS!

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Its a humanitarian wake up call…if we PEOPLE don’t start acting drastically we can kiss this amazon ancient beautiful place goodbye and is going to be only learned in history books in the future exactly like dinosaurs….that if things don’t escalate even more and it's going to be the end of humankind.
Trust me…earth was here before us, it survived so many natural disasters that are I'm not worried about mother nature….I'm scared what would be of my kids in the future? what would I tell them?
_ because the truth is…IT WAS OUR FAULT...One planet means no plan B.