I am obsessed with Euphoria. The whole concept is amazing, the outfits, makeup and the characters are just something else.

Basic info
Name - Sophia Dylan
Age - 17
Birthday - 10 July
Zodiac Sign - Cancer


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Make up

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She cares deeply about people she loves, she's also strong but broken inside. However, she never shows her broken side because she doesn't want people to always worry about her. She wants to help but doesn't want to be helped.


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Sophia had a good upbringing, her parents tried their best to provide the best life for her older brother Blake and her. Blake was the athlete in the family with big ambitions. He was the perfect child, everyone adored him. However, Sophia loved him with her whole heart and she would do anything for him but she knew he was always better than her and that her parents will always be disappointed in her no matter what she does. Blake always tried to show her that she is the perfect sis in his eyes. He was very protective of her because he knew how guys talked about girls in the locker rooms. This led to boys being afraid of Blake and they never tried anything with Sophia. She hated that everyone was so afraid she would just break. She was diagnosed with depression from a young age but she didn't want people to worry about her. That is why she always tried to challenge everyone and do everything that she wasn't allowed to. She always chose the wrong guy, which led to many heartbreaks. However, when she met Rue and Lexi in high school she knew that they would help her be the best version of herself.


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Rue and Lexi are her best friends, but she loves to spend time with Maddy and Cassie. She is also very close with Fez.

Love Interests

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She went out with Nate for a while but she knew how toxic he was so they broke up, however, she still has hope that he can change. She wants him to be better. She has a crush on Fez. She sees his caring side and adores how protective he is. However, she never made the first move.

There you go people, that is my fictional character on Euphoria. Hope you enjoyed.