Hello! I kinda forgot about this but I'm finally back at it!
Today, I'm introducing you to Luccas and Alex, the personifications of the Hufflepuff house.


They both have brown eyes, dark skin and brown hair, curly and fluffy as a lion's mane.

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Alex and Luccas don't like to wear jeans. Alex wears a lot of shirts and Luccas t-shirts. Because Alex is really (REALLY) short, she doesn't give up her heels.

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Kind, loyal, modest and dedicated.

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Alex loves photography and takes her instax EVERYWHERE. Luccas cannot live without a book and is Irma Pince's favourite student (not that she will ever admit it)

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Luccas patronus is a terrier and Alex's is a love bird.

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Animal Friend

Luccas has an eagle owl named Aquila and Alex has a common toad named Naveen.

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Favourite Classes

Alex loves herbology and muggle studies. Luccas loves charms and plays quidditch very often ( he's a chaser)

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Favourite Spells

Alex favorite spell is aquamenti that helps her water her plants. Luccas' is Lumos so that he can read at night.

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Circle of Friends

Alex's best friend is a Slytherin girl named Bella. Luccas best friend is Sage a Ravenclaw girl.

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Bella on the left and Sage on the right

Love Interest

Alex really likes Elric, the Ravenclaw boy. Luccas is dating a Gryffindor girl, Hannah.

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Elric and Hannah

Yule Ball

Alex wore a yellow dress and a complicated hairstyle controlling her curls. Luccas wore a black suit with a red tie to match Hannah's dress and red Converse All-Stars.

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Hope you enjoyed it.
Stay tunned for the other 2 houses.



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