“The only difference between a hero and a villain is...
Who is telling the story!”
— Nitya Prakash
I got inspired by these articles. Hope u guys like it!
Name: Leah Opel
Villain Name: Poison Princess
Image by Maria Maria

Back story

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Even the most beautiful faces hide the most horrifying thoughts. Leah was the daughter of the most respectable and wealthy CEO of NY. She has grown up to be the perfect lady on the public eye, always smiling, extrovert, polite. But behind all the perfect facade, she wasn't what everyone expects. She was cruel to the employee, even her own family, cold, distant and a little bit sadistic. Her dad always thought it was just a phase, but when she stabbed her butler 5 times, he couldn't ignore anymore her behavior. She was sent to an asylum, where she could be treated without the press on their back, it would be a scandal if that happened. But they didn't try to help her. They made experiments, drown , cut and electrocuted her. After being tortured for months she planed a way to escape that prison. Just then she would make everyone pay and would show them how crazy she could be. In her mind, she didn't need a reason to hurt others. She just thought it was fun. And that was enough to bring chaos to the city.
Image by Camila A.
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Long pink hair, blue eyes, and freckles

Villain look

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black suit, with black heels, and green rings to match her green necklace, which belonged to her mother before she passed away.

Modern Clothes

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Light colors and adorable outfits. No one would suspect a thing, right?!

Modus operandi

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She is the best hitwoman anyone's ever seen. She was also good with hand combat, no one could stop her.


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Detective Carter Hayes