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i also did a this or that autumn tag! you can read it here:

seeing as it will be fall soon, i wanted to do this tag ♡

1. tea or coffee?

drink, coffee, and tea image coffee, book, and flowers image
coffee. i never drink tea.

2. apple or pumpkin pie?

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apple! i've never actually tried pumpkin :)

3. baking or hiking?

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i don't really bake, but i would love to start baking more~

4. hot cider or fresh donuts?

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🍂 no. 2 creds to pumpkin spice girl on fb 🍂

5. turtlenecks or scarves?

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turtlenecks. i don't really wear scarves.

6. sunny or rainy days?

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🍂 no. 1 creds to @LLLOVEPAGE 🍂
definitely sunny ♡

7. cinnamon buns or toffee apples?

Temporarily removed red, sweet, and apple image
toffee apples! cinnamon buns are tasty, but every fall i buy toffee apples as well as chocolate apples!! they're so nice!

8. sweaters/sweatshirts or cardigans?

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sweaters & sweatshirts! they're so soft and cosy~

9. stay home or go out?

Temporarily removed beach, nature, and clouds image
stay home. i love to watch netflix and eat haha.

10. books or netflix?

book, rose, and flowers image stranger things, friends, and eleven image
i never read, so definitely netflix! i watch netflix a lot oof.

11. s'mores or cookies?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
cookies~ i've never tried s'mores!

12. halloween or thanksgiving?

fall, autumn, and Halloween image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
halloween because i don't celebrate thanksgiving :)

13. neutral or colourful?

fashion, outfit, and style image 90s, aesthetic, and asian image
colourful! i do love neutrals though~

14. cosy blankets or sitting in front of the fire?

cat, animal, and cute image fashion, girl, and autumn image
blankets!! they're so nice and warm.

15. a haunted house or a corn maze?

dark, house, and night image autumn, corn maze, and fall image
i haven't visited either. but i'm scared of ghosts, so a corn maze definitely!
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♡ thank you for reading! this tag was so cute. i love fall a lot~ tag me if you do this so i can see your answers ♡

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